Any kind of projects can only be successful if a holistic approach is executed. We call it

Holistic Practical Industrial Engineering-HPIE

We analyse, approach and improve the entire manufacturing systems including

  • Training
  • Education
  • Follow up skills
  • Production Systems
  • Engineering
  • Quality Systems and Cost
  • Corporate culture
  • Management

We do not believe in single religions such as Lean, Kaizen, 5S or what ever is sold as the only truth.
We utilize the reasonable parts out of all, add REFA, a big portion common sense and experience and give to you

Holistic Practical Industrial Engineering-HPIE

as the base of your sustainable improvement.

Operational Diagnostic / Health Care

Competitiveness / Efficiency

Training + Education

Quality Systems / Cost


Speed Line Manufacturing

Assessment Centre

Basic Sewing Training

Underperformer Build Up

Middle Management Training

Career Building

Management Information Systems

Productivity Improvement

Capacity Planning / Line Balancing

Maintenance + Mechanics

Workplace Engineering


Factory Planning

Total Quality Systems

Supplier Audits Benchmarking

In Line QC Systems

Final QC Systems

Internal Audit


Bonus Systems

IT-Systems + Tools / Industry 4.0

Continuous Improvement

Overhead Benchmarking




Throughout our projects, we have grown 100’s of middle management trainees to management level.
Just because the lack of well-trained middle management is worldwide everywhere.
It is the main reason for low efficiency and low competitiveness.
Training and education are not about certificates and belts but about attitude, practical knowledge and leadership.
Our projects mainly start with the request for efficiency improvement, but very soon turn into training and education projects including owners and top managers.