Modern Engineering carries out projects for the sewing industry around the world:

Increase of efficiency, factory planning, training and education projects, TQM, MIS, workplace design and engineering, basic sewing training, middle management training, assessment centre and interims management. All our project engineers are practitioners with long years of experience in operational responsibility. We know what it means to take responsibility for workers and their families, managers, customers, shareholders. Our projects always start with a detailed analyse we call operational diagnostic as we need to learn about your targets, needs, environment and company culture. More info about our DIAGNOSTIC you find here!


Here you can find our list of projects

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The project targets given by our customers mainly are about increase of their efficiency, competitiveness and improving the cost structure.
To achieve this goals, in reality our projects contain:

  • Change of paradigms of top management and owners
  • Closing gaps in the middle management level by assessment and training programs
  • Implementation of realistic planning tools
  • Reduction of quality cost by implementation of functioning quality systems
  • Improvement and strengthening of the industrial engineering department
  • Restructuring of maintenance and machine equipment
  • Implementation of follow up systems as corporate life style